What's a spirit bond?

Everybody knows that jellies in Jelly World have a certain frequency that they vibrate at. Each jelly is unique and special and undulates gelatinously. When somebody comes to Jelly World to take from the Giant Jelly, they take the jelly from its home. Jellies get lonely very quickly and need to have another home to quickly go to or they go bad.

No seriously- what's the point?

Okay okay... if you have a personal site on the web and want to claim a jelly for your site, go ahead and fill out this form.
Bond With A Jelly!

When people take from the Giant Jelly and get your jelly- they'll see that it's bonded with you. It's kind of like a fun little web ring but you know- a la good ol' Neopets nostalgia.

When you claim a jelly- I'll give you a handy little HTML code to put on you site- if you want to, so that others can come bond with their own jelly!

I don't groove with any of the jellies, can I submit my own?

Of course!! Just complete this form to submit your own jelly.

Create A Jelly!

List of all jellies

Original Flavours

Red backgrounds mean that poor jelly has no spirit bond! :(

Blue backgrounds mean this jelly has already bonded! :)

Banana Jelly

Blueberry Jelly

bonded with hollyblue!

Carnapepper Jelly

bonded with Koinuko!

Cheese Jelly

bonded with Alexa!

Chocolate Jelly

Cornupepper Jelly

Dung Jelly

Fire Jelly

bonded with Crash!

Fish Jelly

bonded with 4ivilo!

Frozen Jelly

bonded with Rime!

Glowing Jelly

Lemon Jelly

bonded with Windcatcherovenbreak!

Lemon Trifle

Lime Jelly

bonded with CY83RPR1MM13!

Lime Trifle

bonded with Zero!

Lint Jelly

Mint Jelly

Mummified Jelly

Nuts and Bolts Jelly

Oil and Grease Jelly

bonded with Dan!

Peanut Butter Jelly

Pear Jelly

Pirate Jelly

bonded with Rosemary!

Poisonous Jelly

bonded with Morty!

Queela Jelly

Rainbow Jelly

bonded with Rin!

Raspberry Jelly

bonded with Katey!

Robo Jelly

Smelly Jelly

Snotty Jelly

bonded with sluglaw!

Squished Jelly

Stone Jelly

bonded with Nineret!

Strawberry Jelly

Strawberry Trifle

bonded with Charlie!

Vanilla and Passion Fruit Jelly

bonded with Draco!

Water Jelly

Watermelon Jelly

bonded with Amon D'syrcus!

Whole Blunella Jelly

Whole Chokato Jelly

Whole Kiwi Jelly

Whole Pinanna Jelly

Whole Purplum Jelly

Whole Thornberry Jelly

bonded with gatosalchicha!

Whole Tigersquash Jelly

bonded with Grim from tiger carnival!


Added Flavours

Blueberry Jetsam Jelly

Burnt Jelly

bonded with Zerachiin!

Fizzy Faerie Jelly

bonded with Shelly!

Hungry Skeith Jelly

Jelly Blumaroo Jelly

bonded with Arez!

Pineapple Jelly

Cackleberry Jelly

Jelly Doughnut Jelly

Lemberry Chia Jelly

bonded with Fox!

Lemon and Thornberry Jelly

Moulded Jelly Dessert

Orange Spanner Jelly

Peach Jelly

Pomegranate Jelly

Rainbow Jelly Chomby

bonded with Kero!

Raspberry Lemonade Pie Jelly

bonded with Auzzie Jay!

Tea Jelly

bonded with Key!

Thornberry Jelly

Floral Jelly

bonded with Bucket!

Cranberry Jelly

Jelly Doughnut

bonded with Mle!

Jelly Cookies

Jelly Berries

bonded with colrana!

Jelly Coffee

bonded with Jack!

Jelly Green Tea

bonded with Sunny!

Jelly Guacamole

Jelly Mushroom

bonded with Spaniel!

Jelly Corn

Lime Jelly Eyeball

bonded with vomitboyz!

Jelly Toilet

bonded with Tonic!

Jelly Mysteries

bonded with Liminal Librarian!

Apple Jelly Apple

bonded with Apples!

Glowing Jelly?

bonded with Bruno!

Jelly Cherries

bonded with Kristina!

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