What's a spirit bond?

Everybody knows that jellies in Jelly World have a certain frequency that they vibrate at. Each jelly is unique and special and undulates gelatinously. When somebody comes to Jelly World to take from the Giant Jelly, they take the jelly from its home. Jellies get lonely very quickly and need to have another home to quickly go to or they go bad.

No seriously- what's the point?

Click Here to Bond With A Jelly!

When people take from the Giant Jelly and get your jelly- they'll see that it's bonded with you. It's kind of like a fun little web ring but you know- a la good ol' Neopets nostalgia.

When you claim a jelly- go to the pals page. There is a handy little HTML code to put on you site- if you want to, so that others can come bond with their own jelly!

I don't groove with any of the jellies, can I submit my own?

Of course!! Just complete the form on the claim page to submit your own jelly.

Create A Jelly!

If you don't want to design your own, but want one of the original Jelly Foods, just tell me which one from here:

Jellyneo's list of official Jelly Foods

Special thanks to Sadness from sadgrl.online for helping to create the webring management system and backend!