How do we become friends?

Bond with one of Jelly World's jellies to be put on this page!

Also- please consider adding our site badge to your site with the code below!

Did you bond with a jelly already?

Welcome to Jelly World!

Once you've received confirmation from me that you've been added, you are free to copy and paste the below code to your site! It will automagically display your name, your bonded jelly, and the flavor text for your jelly!

NOTE: Make sure you enter your site with the slash at the end and with https://.


There is a known bug with other scripts on the same page. For example, this script does not work with the Yesterweb Ring script. I'm looking in to this.

Widgets now come in different shapes and sizes AND can be combined with other webring scripts- (like the Yesterweb webring script) Shout out to Sadness for figuring out a way to resolve this conflict!

New Widgets

Below are the new widgets, if you currently have the old one on your site, I recommend swapping it with one of these!

Original Widget

Works with other webring scripts now!

Minimal Widget

For you minimalists

Achievement Widget

This widget is for those that want to display their achievements separately.

Ultra Jelly Deluxe Widget

This bad boy combines the new achievement system with the original widget to make the ultimate widget!

Spirit Bonds