Oh Dear! We've our first seasonal event!
I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS game! Check it out on the map or by going to the game tab.
There are NINE achievements to get! Each achievement gives you a code to add a lovely badge to your site! So what are you waiting for? Go Trick-or-Treat!!

9/08/2021 Jellyworld continues to grow!

I'm absolutely floored by the amount of support Jellyworld has received so far! As of today we officially have 27 people in our Jellyring! That's amazing!
On the horizon I hope to add some more minigames and pages... stay tuned!!

8/12/2021 3 more people have bonded with our jellies!

We've had three more people rapid-fire join the Jellyring! So glad people enjoy Jelly World as much as I do. Go meet them on the pals page!
Also, I'm looking to add another new minigame soon! Thank you!


I'm glad to welcome five new jellies to the mix! Meet Jelly Green Tea, Jelly Guacamole, Jelly Mushroom, Jelly Corn, and Lime Jelly Eyeball! Go see them on the pals page!

7/25/2021 THANK YOU ALL

Thank you all for your support thus far! We have had jellies going all around the web- we've had 13 people bond with the Jelly thus far!

I'm hoping to add some more jellies soon. So if you're still holding out on a jelly- your next jelly may just be added tomorrow!

Also... have you found the SUPER-ULTRA-RARE badge in Jelly World yet? Something tells me a certain Quiggle may know the way...


Huh? What's this? A Red Jelly Quiggle has appeared in Jelly World... He seems to be an HTML expert... maybe you should see what he has to offer?

Trying to figure out what you need for your site? Ask the Jelly Quiggle! He'll tell you what you need.

Also added a proper games page now that there are multiple 'games'.

Thank you again everyone for your support!

7/21/2021 SO MUCH JELLY!


Thank you everyone for the amazing support! Working on more fun stuff soon!

7/20/2021 Jellyring?

We have a cool new Jellyring script! If you've bonded with a jelly and have received confirmation from me, then you can add your URL to the script below and it will automagically show your name, your jelly, your jelly's flavor text and a few other buttons!

If you'd like to see who has spirit bonded with our jellies without finding them at the Giant Jelly, you can check out the pals page.


7/19/2021 Jelly World's a hit!

Received FOUR more spirit bonds already! Thank you Draco, Rin, 4ivilO, and Dan!

If you'd like to see who has spirit bonded with our jellies without finding them at the Giant Jelly, you can check out the pals page.

Working on HTML for those that have spirit bonded, will get out shortly.

Thank you everyone for indulging in my nostalgia and keeping the personal web alive and kicking!

7/18/2021 Jelly World opens to the public!

Added a visual of the jellies and their bonded status.

Received our first spirit bond! Thanks Bruno!

I have to make the HTML for Bruno and others like them to put on their site, I hope to have that ready tonight, but will definitely have it by tomorrow.

7/17/2021 Jelly World is born!

All of the original flavors of Jelly World jelly have been added to the Giant Jelly pool.