What's Jelly World?

Jelly World is a magical location in Neopia- the world of Neopets!

In Jelly World there is a Giant Jelly. Daily, users can go to the Giant Jelly and take some jelly! Even though the Giant Jelly is orange, there is actually no orange jelly! Also, you could get 44 different jellies. Some were rarer than others too!

Who are you and why are you obsessed with Jelly World?

Jelly World was hidden on the World map of Neopia. When I discovered it, I felt like I had found a little place that nobody else knew about. This site is obviously a testament to the fact that that was not correct, but I still visited the Giant Jelly everyday to get my free jelly!

This site is dedicated to Neopets in general, the nostalgia from the old site, and the fun that my cousin and I had playing Meerca Chase trying to beat each other's high scores.

I wanted to recreate the experience of the Giant Jelly here on my own site. But I wanted to make it bigger and better than it was before. This site is not just going to be about the Giant Jelly, I'm going to include other nostalgic goodies from the Neopian universe- the magical universe from my childhood.

What are jellies?

Canonically, jelly is a type of food that comes from Jelly World. Neopets and Petpets can be made of jelly. Everything in Neopets can be made from jelly. In Neopets you can feed your Neopets jelly to satiate their hunger. Some odd jellies can also change your Neopets appearance- or make them go blind!

The most important question- are jellies vegan?

While there are jellies like fish jelly and cheese jelly that would seem not to be- it does seem that Neopets makes a point to often state that jellies are vegetarian.

What makes this odd is that jellies in the real world are most definitely NOT vegan or vegetarian. There's a common misconception that real world jelly or gelatin is made from cow and horse hooves- this is not true, it is made from animal hides and skin. What this means is that jelly does not come from skin in the Neopets universe- but whether or not it is truly vegan has yet to be seen... there are definitely questionable jellies... What's more- if Neopets can be made out of jelly- does that mean that jellies are made out of jelly Neopets? Or are they made out of jelly? Ah- a tale as old as time.