What's the Advent Calendar?

Every December, The netizens of Neopia have a daily advent calendar to check off the days of the Month of Celebration!
During this month, every day that you visit the Advent Calendar you'll be greeted with a cute animation and an item! Some of the items are limited edition.


There are big changes coming. In the past I manually updated the leaderboard based on comments. Honestly this was more difficult than it sounds and it didn't work the way I intended it to. As part of my jellyworld overhaul I intend to allow members of Jellyworld to be able to login and edit their profiles so they can edit their jelly, their name, their links, etc. To test out this login functionality you will need to register for an account to get points on the leaderboard this year.

How will Jellyworld's Advent Calendar Work?

Back in the day you had a 24 hour period to get your item, otherwise you missed out! Poof!
To keep with that spirit, each day of the advent calendar will be available for 24 hours. There will be a comment box at the bottom of the animation. Make sure you comment to get credit! Make sure you use the name you want on your widget and your correct URL. This will be important for the achievement system!

Register or Login to the Advent Calendar Page!

Check out the Leaderboard!



That's right my gelatinous friends! You'll be able to display your Jellyworld Achievements on your very own website! To kick off Jellyworld's first event using achievements, I've redone the Jellyring widget!


Widgets now come in different shapes and sizes AND can be combined with other webring scripts- (like the Yesterweb webring script) Shout out to Sadness for figuring out a way to resolve this conflict!

New Widgets

Below are the new widgets, if you currently have the old one on your site, I recommend swapping it with one of these!

Original Widget

Works with other webring scripts now!

Minimal Widget

For you minimalists

Achievement Widget

This widget is for those that want to display their achievements separately.

Ultra Jelly Deluxe Widget

This bad boy combines the new achievement system with the original widget to make the ultimate widget!

Why did you choose to do an achievement system and why an advent calendar?

The internet is lacking in seasonal events! One of the best things about the old web was limited time events like the Neopets advent calendar. I wanted a way to do special events without just using a boring little badge to congratulate you. It's like, well great, but anybody can just copy my awesome badge and say they were there too!
With the achievements, you'll be able to show you really earned it!

So what are you waiting for?

Make sure to visit this page daily for the Month of Celebrating!